New Website


I had wanted to setup my own website for so long. The main reason was simply to make myself visible on the net. Other benefits include:

  • Platform for blogging about this and that
  • Showcase my works (I am a software engineer, btw)
  • Share my knowledge on the stuff I like

I had been looking for some alternatives when I found github pages. Github pages can host static pages. And for me that’s enough as I would not need a web application. While reading its description, I noticed one very interesting feature: blog with Jekyll


I thought, what was this Jekyll thing, but it had me at “Markdown”. I had been writing notes using markdown for sometimes, and it had been helpful to keep focus on content rather than styles. The more I read about Jekyll, the more interesting it was. A lot of customizable templates available, easy to setup, what more could I ask for?

However, the next feature was as interesting, custom domain! I could use my own domain for github pages for free!


So I looked for the best affordable domain resgistrants and chose namecheap. I searched for “mbaharsyah” domain and it suggested quite a number of alternatives like “”, “”, etc… But inspired by a certain company I picked “”, and it was on sale for first year too!

After I got all these ingredients:

  • Web Hosting (Github Pages)
  • Domain Name (from namecheap)
  • Tools (Jekyll, markdown, etc…)

I started to build the website up, and the next post will describe how I used all those ingredients in geeky language ;)

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